The law on fireworks seems unnecessarily restrictive and should be relaxed.  Fireworks should be able to be sold year around and restrictions on things like loudness removed.

Why is this idea important?

Such a relaxation would also give BIS an 'out' in the Government's new 'one in, one out' reducing regulation agenda.  I think many would agree with some parts of the law, such as not being able to let them off at all hours of the night and kids not being allowed to buy them and/or set them off in public areas, but some parts of the law are ridiculously rigid and prescriptive.  For example, the restrictions on when fireworks can be sold means that responsible people cannot buy fireworks, other than on a few days a year, to say celebrate a wedding.  Restrictions on the permissble loudness of fireworks are also unnecessary, especially given that fireworks can no longer be let off after 11pm other than on new year's eve.  Further, the cost of aquiring a license to sell fireworks is a real burden on small businesses, and so the costs should be much reduced.  This would also allow more competition amongst sellers and help bring pries down.

An example of the overly prescriptiveness of the existing law:
Prohibition of supply of excessively loud category 3 fireworks
8.(1) No person shall supply, or offer or agree to supply, any category 3 firework which, when used, produces a maximum A-weighted impulse sound pressure level exceeding 120 decibels when measured in accordance with paragraph (2) below.
(2) For the purposes of paragraph (1) above, the sound pressure level is to be measured
(a)at a horizontal distance of fifteen metres from the testing point at a height of one metre above the ground; and
(b)using a sound measuring device which conforms to type 1 of BS EN 61672 with a free-field microphone

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