Because of the way people have been coerced by planning and government laws over time we have become over reliant on mainstream shops and supermarkets for the nutrition that fuels our bodies and hence our lives and health and its my view that government ought to repeal old establshed laws that prevents people from being forced to live lives that are centered around unhealthy foods and then which leads onto being ill and hence being at the mercy of the medical and drug fraternity,

Its my idea that the government ought to put the onus of our food supply back into the hands of the british people by allowing and encouraging the development of  smallholdings .This would allow vast tracts of small plots of land to be put into productive use by individuals and families to the general benefit of society and balance of the enviroment.. It was once said that you can judge the strength of a nation by the ability to feed itself,if we put the food security in the hands of those who can hold us to ransom then we as a nation are behaving in a way that is not responsable.many countries in europe are at the mercy of russian gas,there is a lesson there for us.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because it will desrease the reliance of overseas food production,put unproductive land back into use,generate healthy food for the nation,which is becoming under nutritionised,.reduce the health bill cost on the NHS,provide much needed homes and purpose for familys,re educate generations to come to become more self reliant,reduce our carbon footprint,it would have vast benfits to society and reduce the crime figures and the reasons for crime, its a win win win idea

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