It seems the approach to drug law in the UK has traditionally been characterised by fear and hypocracy. Everyone loves a good old fashioned moral panic, it sells newspapers and gives people something to worry about (as if they don't have enough already), and that seems to be all we've had: moralising and panic.

When I worked for a major international broadcaster, their editorial guidlines surrounding drug references in popular music was a little tricky. Tricky because you shouldn't really mention the 'd' word, but the vast majority of popular music is either about drugs or has been written by someone who is taking them. Everybody's doing it but nobody's talking about it – and isn't that a pretty dangerous situtation?

In fact, isn't almost a complete no-brainer that what we need is a proper discourse based on reliable research? It would be, but for the fact that various members of government are so unwilling to take advice from the boys and girls in white coats, y'know, the actual scientists. How are we supposed to have confidence in politicians who not only don't listen to the people, but don't listen to the advice of people who are emminently more qualified to lead the debate.

Obviously decrimilasing drugs is never going to be a vote winner but in the long term might it not actually reduce crime? If the market – and there's no doubt that it is a booming market – is regulated by people who aren't off their faces on their own product, isn't that going to be much safer all round? We've tried just saying, 'we don't like drugs, please don't do it or we'll arrest you' for a good half a centuary now and it just hasn't worked; isn't it time we tried something new? It will undoubtedly be a difficult decision to take, but all the best ones are.

Oh, and another thing, you can't seriously tell me that not a single solitary member of parliament has ever taken drugs; it's just statistically massively unlikely. And what's all this business about one nice taxable drug being legal just because it always has been and other drugs being illegal even though they may in fact cause less harm? It's hazy thinking at best, even a dope fiend can see that…

Why is this idea important?

Legalising certain drugs could actually make society safer and reduce crime. It will also mean I don’t have to buy mine off of shady crack heads on street corners and then feel all guilty about the destruction of the rainforest in Columbia etc…

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