bring back the death penalty for sex offenders, peadophiles and child killers, there is no rehabilatation for these sick people, they ruin countless lives get out go underground and look for their next innocent victim,. the lethal injection should be given, there is no reason for hanging, a lethal injection would do and save tax payers the money for these offenders to go out for more victims, just get them off this planet, and out of our lives i am sick of reading about the victims having no justice and the offenders human rights! What rights?? Did they think of their victims rights whilst abusing them? NO they did not !!!! Bring back the death penalty

Why is this idea important?

my two sons were abused, and held this information for 10 years whilst the offender is out living his life one of his earlier victims had a nervous breakdown along with his marriage, another victim turned into a paedophile himself, these offenders rey on a wall of silence when it comes to boys, girls may or may not tell their mothers or police boys tell no one because of the shame and this is absolutely disgusting, the law should protect our society from these offenders, as they are just another accident waiting to happen. bring back the death penalty!!!

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