Without going into too much detail an individual like Ian Huntly should not have his life paid for by the taxpayer for crimes which are at best not worth describing. Since the advancement of scientific awareness to forensic science I think it would be only fair for an individual such as Ian Huntly who is convicted beyond all reasonable doubt without question and backed up by forensic science and without any shadow of doubt should indeed receive the death penalty. Child murderers who are proven beyond all reasonabe doubt to have killed their victim should receive the death penalty without question. For multiple murderers and murderers without genuine cause of provocation should be executed for the crimes they have committed and as a result spare our society from such vile characters and in turn make our society a safer place to live for ourselves and our children and by doing so make such characters think twice before carrying out such a heinous crime. If this suggestion was to become law I think it would only be fair to review the punishment of such criminals such as Ian Huntly and punish them as the new law of capital punishment would permit.

Why is this idea important?

Murderous so and so's do not have the right to think they can murder and be safe in the knowledge they can do so without punishment equating to death themselves. I would suggest gun crime and knife crime would decrease as a result of such legislation as any potential violater would most probably think twice about doing so unless they held a total disreard for their own life. If they didn't think twice they would consequently deserve capital punishment.

Furthermore, when using the example of Ian Huntly I would suggest the average tax payer would resent the fact part of the taxes they pay go towards catering for the existance of such a heinous child muderer X2 and would indeed not prefer to do so. I dare say even HRH Queen Elizabeth II would probably agree with me as would many others.

It is nothing short of inexcusable that such a vile and wicked individual should be allowed to live when he certainly did not allow this right to the young innocent girls' lives he heinously took away for the girls themselves and their loved ones and friends.

If a muderer feels he/she is deserving of taking a life from another the only fair punishment would be to reciprocate the crime they have indeed comitted themselves…with that being the death penalty.

In the general scheme of things should this become law and with the help of accurate forensic science those guilty of Murder in the First Degree could be disposed of which would in turn prevent the taxpayers from paying for a life most would not want to keep alive given the choice. I believe this would also be a means of deterant to discourage potential offenders from comitting such crimes. Offenders of Murder in the First Degree would not deserve any rights whatsoever considering the rights of the individual of whom they murdered and should subsequently be treated as such.

This would also be a way of reducing the prison poulation, not only be executing the convicted but would also have a very positive affect on those who wish to murder. Should a person commit murder in the first degree and  full in the knowledge of doing so they would then expect to be executed if convicted but only with unquestionable forensic science.

To use the example of Ian Huntly once more if the population of England and Wales had a vote as to whether or not his individual should receive the death penalty considering the heinous crimes he comitted I think at the very least half of the population of England and Wales would want him executed and I am sure there would be many a volunteer wishing to see the deed done. I think it's only fair to say for fairness to be applied in cases such as these would only take place if they receive the punishment they had put their victims through … namely death itself. It certainly is not a pleasant way to deal with justcice but in terms of fairness and equality it is only the fair way to go. When someone is murdered there is no one to speak up for them and to facilitate the life of the muderer by keeping them alive would indeed be nothing short of a disgrace to the individual of whom the muderer had murdered.

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