Collect people's rubbish in a convenient and timely manner that enables increased recycling.  Don't put draconian and petty rules in place around this that look stupid when reported on the front page of the Mail.

– Incentivise people to recycle, don't penalise by charges and fines/threats.  Re: ridiculous case of  criminal charges for a piece of paper sneaking into the glass recycling. 

– Offer greater doorstep recycling options. 

– Enabling collection of excess rubbish – with bi-weekly collections it's easy to go 4-6 weeks without a bin collection if you're away a lot, big family christmas, bins not currently collected if left 1cm open…  Re: ridiculous case of  £200 fine for bin left open a few cm. 

 – No silly legislation over timing of when bins are left out – if you're away what else are you meant to do, especially if collections are already bi-weekly?


Why is this idea important?

The current petty rules are already causing significant grief and disproportionally punitive punishments.  Plans to charge for collections will result in massive additional admin/management costs, unhappy householders paying even more local tax, fly tipping and neighbor disputes.


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