Clearly magic mushrooms are a mind altering drug and so should not be abused or misused, just like alcohol should not and that's why there are many laws surrounding alcohol. Similar laws should be in place with magic mushrooms. Just like with alcohol there should be a minimum age for consumption, for example 18 years, to purchase or consume them. Just as with alcohol, only shops licenced to do so, should be allowed, protecting the consumer, and helping to fund the government in fighting real crime.

Mushrooms should also be grown solely by licenced growers who's premises are checked to ensure they are being grown in conditions without potentially harmful contaminants and that only licenced species of mushroom are being sold.

finally, they should come with warnings and education, just as with alcohol. Warnings for the side effects, people who should not consume them, how they should be taken and situations it might be unsafe etc.

 If all these measures were put into place, the government could have complete control of the situation, taking it out of the hands of criminals, educating people of the risks rather than ignoring them and allowing individuals to continue a practice that has gone on for over 11,000 years

Why is this idea important?


Since their recorded use in modern times, there was thought to be one case of death due to poisoning from consumption of magic mushrooms. However, due to later post-mortem, a high opiate content was found in the victims body and then attributed as the cause of death, bringing death from consumption to ZERO!

There were a few cases of people consuming mushrooms and later dying due to ''mushroom induced accidents'' for example, jumping off a bridge. In these cases, it was not mentioned if any other drugs such as alcohol had been consumed, or current mental state of the individual (were they already suicidal?)

If we compare this to alcohol, in 2008, according the National Statistics online, 9,031 people died alcohol related deaths! You read that right, 9031!!!!
If we had these reported on like the tabloids did with mushrooms, there would have 25 different headlines per day, every day for 2008 reporting a death due to alcohol! Instead, the public received corrupted information on the handful of people that may have been effected by mushrooms.

I now bring your attention to the comparisons of mushrooms to other illegal drugs. Magic mushrooms are now a Class A drug, like Heroin. We have discussed how no deaths have been caused by poisoning from magic mushrooms. However, if we compare this to Heroin, which according to the government should be categorized the same as Psilocybe mushrooms, in 2008 alone there were 897 deaths due to poisoning from heroin or morphine! Cocaine, another Class A drug caused 235 deaths in the same year and Methadone killed 378. How can they put Psilocybe producing mushrooms in the same class as these lethal drugs?!

Negative Impacts on the Community?

It's not a secret that drugs can devastate an area, with addictions being funded by crime and violence, gang culture putting young lives at risk, or those under the influence causing havoc.

One things magic mushrooms are not is addictive, neither physically or mentally, meaning no withdrawal symptoms, people not losing their jobs and not resorting to crime to fund their habits like all other class A drugs.

If you go out to your local town on a Saturday night you'll more than likely see the devastation caused by binge drinkers, damaging property, urinating in the streets, getting into fights, littering and filling up the A & E wards in hospitals. Even when mushrooms were being sold by over 300 shops in the UK there were no problems even remotely similar to this. They do not cause a downward spiral of decline in the community in any way.

By making them illegal does not stop users, and by the fact they were sold by over 300 shops, shows the scale of how many users there were. It's extremely naive to assume consumers will simply forget about the pastime. Instead they turn to the already powerful drug dealers putting more profit into their pockets, and putting the consumer at much greater risk of trying more dangerous drugs and potentially consuming bad or even the wrong mushrooms. If they cant get mushrooms like before, they may simply turn to other drugs for a similar effect like LSD again, from dangerous dealers, giving them more money to fuel the illegal trade and putting the consumer and much greater risk.

Even if consumers of mushrooms don't resort to their local dealer, they may well try to source wild Psilocybe mushrooms, Namely in the UK, the Liberty Cap. This is the most dangerous part of consuming mushrooms! Inexperienced people collecting the wrong mushrooms, many of which look incredibly similar, which if eaten, could prove fatal! After all, 95% of all mushroom deaths are caused by Amanita mushrooms, which isn't even a controlled substance!

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