The decriminalisation of Cannabis and other recreational drugs. 
Criminalisation of any recreational drug simply does not work. It goes against basic human freedom. It puts far too much money into the hands of criminals instead of creating a new business opportunity for many hardworking people. Billions of dollars are wasted jailing people who are in no way shape or form, a threat to society. May die from drugs that are laced with other poisons. Many more die from drug related dealings and having to purchase a simple drug for recreational purposes from usually violent criminals. Drugs are much easier for youths to obtain when illegal (I know from personal experience). Billions of dollars in tax revenues are lost. Medical research of the potential benefits of these drugs is hindered. There is no reason to criminalise a recreational drug. 

Why is this idea important?


However my argument is mainly based around Cannabis, as the title states. There is absolutely no reason why Cannabis should be illegal and we should follow the Dutch model, or fairly closely to it. 

Being as the Liberal Democrats are a large contributing political force in the coalition, I expect to see them pushing for decriminalisation of Cannabis.. It's very strange to see a "Liberal" party continue to push the war on drugs ( A.K.A the War on Liberty) when their ideology is about freedom. How very hypocritical.

Cannabis is nowhere near as dangerous as tobacco/alcohol. 



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