Let drugs be decriminalised for the end user.  Use the funds saved through the whole justice system, police, courts and prison for realistic help for people for whom their dependency is creating difficulties in their life, including the drug, alcohol.  

The truth is for a large section of illegal drug users the only problem is the fact that the drug of their choice is illegal: this fact alone causes the havoc and can result in a criminal record, even though in every other way people are managing their own lives.

I would suggest the Government should at least listen to the advice from our experts in the field of drug classification and let drugs be classified in a rational way.  Let people grow cannabis under the laws similar to those for tobacco?

The 'It must be ok – it's legal!' headset stems from misinformation: the artificial separation between alcohol and other drugs leads to startling stats like in 2005 25% of deaths of 16 – 24 yr old men and 15% of women of the same age were alcohol related. 


Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because at the moment lives are being ruined by us following the American way of 'war on drugs' being waged against citizens who want to use a drug other than alcohol in their recreation. 

I truly think the drugs issue is a personal freedom issue and people should not be persecuted for choosing a drug other than alcohol.

I think the whole issue is immense and threatens a whole generation's belief in the political process and ultimately their belief in democracy. 

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