Decriminalisation of Heroin.Do not prosecute those caught with  an amount specified for personal consumption.Have opium grown and converted into heroin under licence in the west.Create a government monopoly on heroin production.which is administered to registered addicts through local drugs services.Continue to prosecute drug dealers and smugglers.

Why is this idea important?

We pay many times over for heroin use.We pay the police to arrest users we pay the courts to convict users we pay the prisons to keep users,and we pay when our goods are stolen by users in higher insurance.Not to mention heroin money going to the Taliban and various mafias.

My proposal will reduce the amount of drug dealers as they will not be able to compete with the government monopoly thus reducing outlets for drugs resulting in less use.Though it will cost some money to implement this should  pale in comparison to the money saved in fighting the drug war, prison and court costs.Drug uses would at least steal less due to being administered heroin by the state, plus being in drug services treatment would be easier.

It is better for us to limit the damage to users and society with clinical heroin  and starve our enemies of drug funds by supplying the drugs ourselves  to registered addicts.Unpalatable as this may seem to some decades of failed drug policy suggest a new approach is needed.

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