To decriminalize TV licence non-payment and/or evasion of payment.

Why is this idea important?

The TV licence system has probably come to the end of its useful life. However, leaving that overall question aside, there is no doubt that the enforcement of the licence fee payment system is bureaucratic and oppressive and non-payment of the “licence fee” tax should therefore be removed from the criminal law.

It is hard to believe that even today there are hundreds of people actually in prison for non-payment of  TV licence fees.

If the licence fee system is to be retained, it should be as an obligation failure to comply with which should lead to a purely CIVIL action in the small claims division of the County Court.

Decriminalization should also proivide for dissolution of the oppressive enforcement measures taken by “inspectors” who attempt to enter homes and to intimidate citizens.

In short, the whole TV licence system as it now is seems to be a kind of quasi-Soviet 1950’s regime which should now be dispensed with.

12 Replies to “Decriminalization of TV Licence Non-Payment”

  1. Why was non-payment of the TV license criminalised in the first place? TV is to watch entertainment (or what passes for it nowadays) not to pay for jollys by top and middle management who think that the fees are there for them to enjoy their jaunts everywhere. If non-payment of this farce is criminal why isn’t using license fees for personal jollys not classed the same?

  2. I think people should have the option not to receive the BBC channels for which we pay the license fee – I for one would not miss all the rubbish on there!

  3. the bbc is nothing more than a left wing propaganda machine and people who see through their lies should not have to pay.

    1. I think is the opposite: it is a right-wing propaganda machine. As you have an exact diametrically-opposite opinion than mine, it is just to admit that in any case BBC must be rubbish, if two people think it is exactly the opposite of the other.

      1. Roger Mosey, former head of BBC TV news, has published a book giving chapter and verse on the Corporation’s liberal bias, Mosey, who also used to edit Radio 4’s Today programme, confirms that Auntie leans so far Leftwards that she frequently topples over into propaganda.they are also an Antiestablishment Organisation.

  4. simple paying should be an option just
    like sky.
    tv is leisure,we should not be bullied into paying,i cant believe its gone on this long
    im now paying £30 a month then 12 a month for something which ive watched one programme on in the last 12 months.
    i would rather spend that money on a bill
    or food

  5. its the governments baby what ever happens they cannot afford to loose revenue from it

  6. the tv licence is a revenue to fund peados by the bbc.. I for one don’t pay it

    get rid of the licence and peados

  7. The TV licence should not be retained under any system of forced payment.
    Although the BBC get the Licence money we are actually paying to watch a TV because we unable to prove we do not watch any BBC channels.
    Make the BBC commercialised with advertising or subscription.

    1. Agree that the BBC licence fee should be abolished and replaced with a voluntary subscription fee using the Netflix model or a pay as you go system. I only watch BBC I player and watch documentaries or movies on occasion. I rarely watch the news ever since the biased coverage of the EU referendum (Brexit ) and prefer to get my news from other sources for a more balanced narrative. I do not watch BBC productions on the whole and prefer Netflix. I resent having to pay for something I barely use. Where else do you have to pay for something you don’t want or use at the risk of arrest? The system must be changed as soon as possible.

  8. This is another government ploy to weaken the BBC. First, forcing the BBC rather than the Foreign Office to fund the World Service, then forcing the BBC to give free TV licences to the over-75s and now this, forcing legal costs on to the BBC to recover what it is owed.
    The ultimate aim is to so weaken the BBC so that it can be claimed that so few people are watching it that it can be shut down.
    If you want to see what this would be like go watch American TV.

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