defaulting on debt/ repeal of bankruptcy law

Repeal the changes to the bankruptcy laws. If this is the money you owe through self-indulgence, then you will pay the whole amount back, either financially or if your debt is underwritten by the state, then you will pay it back through 100s of hours of community service

Why does this idea matter?

I do not see how it is possible to permit many of the public to accrue so much debt, then be allowed to discharge it via IVA's and similar 'get-out' clauses made possible through debt relief agencies. The changes to the rules of bankruptcy have simply created a group of people who go out and live beyond their means, safe in the knowledge that they will not face the tiresome problem of repayment. This makes a nonsense for all people who cut their coat according to their cloth.

Bankruptcy should be restored to the social disgrace it once represented and this, would encourage the feckless and wilful overspender to know that this is the unavoidable price of self-indulgence. Currently, the 'good' go unrewarded, while the 'bad' are taken care of financially and suffer no social disgrace. A terrible example of the infantilising of our society

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