Change the part of marriage law stipulating marriage to be between a man & a woman, and make it instead between two adults.

Simultaneously, you can alter civil partnership law to the same effect, so people of any orientation can have whichever partnership they feel is best for them.

Churches can still do as they please, but civil marriages & partnerships would be for everyone.


(Needless to say, other restrictions to do with incest, polygamy, forced marriage, underage marriage, bigamy, etc would stay in place, before some make claims equating gay marriage with all these.)

Why is this idea important?

It allows those same-sex couples who would like to be married (not all do, remember) to be able to do so. At the same time, it allows those opposite-sex couples who would actually rather have civil partnerships than marriage to do so.

It doesn't mean churches would have to perform gay marriages, but in the same way as the government (a) defines and governs marriage and its status and (b) performs civil ceremonies for non-religious couples, couples who choose them, or divorcees unable to be remarried in church, government can change the definition in societal, economic, and civil terms and carry them out separately from the religious marriage ceremonies performed by different religions.

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