After centuries of gradually becoming a fairer and fairer country we should take the step of abolishing elected parliaments and replace them with MP service just as we have Jury service. Under the system of elections, our mp's are selected by a relatively few number of citizens. With proportional representation this choosing could extend to the mp's being selected by the 'party few' after the count is over (as happens in Belgium for example) so reducing the little democracy that actually exists.

With MP service, members would be selected on a random basis from all the people. Democracy by the people for the people. As civil servants do most of the work at the moment we would not need too worry about the "percieved" "competence or not" of each member, who would serve for a maximum of three years say, with one third being replaced each year. I would also envisage all cabinet members being chosen by the mass of the members, thus reducing the possibilty of members "being bought" with the price of loyalty to bodies other than the state.

I would like to see the retention of the Monarchy rather than replacing someone whose fortunes are tied to the state by someone who can be bought by big business, so no presidents.

Lots of details to be thought out but this is a web site for ideas. I hope you like mine.

Why is this idea important?

England and then Great Britain have been perceived as having the mother of all parliaments and of being countries which have promoted fairness and freedom over centuries of our history.

Just as the individual countries in England were joined to become one, just before 1066 and then the individual countries of Great Britain were joined to become one a few hundred years later.

Just as the right to vote (but not control what our members of parliament did once in power) has been extended to fairly include every adult regardless of sex or financial worth

So we should be bold and take the next step towards a democracy that is for all the people and run by all the people. Everyone should have an equal chance of being called to look after and run our countries and our union. Great Britain should once again lead the world, by example, a good example.

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