I believe that it is anachronistic and dangerous for Britain to be without a formal, legal and most importantly knowable constitution.

I believe that a constitution must serve three functions. Firstly it must lay out, clearly, the rules by which the state operates; it must demarcate areas of power within the state and formally lay out procedures to follow after and during elections. Secondly it must protect the legal concepts that are absolutely essential to the operation of a democratic state: equality before the law, freedom of speech, the right to privacy and the right to vote. Thirdly a constitution must also enshrine the relationship between state and people (a bill of rights and responsibilities).

Constitutions, however, are not protection by their self. Just ask the Jews in Germany or the citizens of the USSR how there constitutions were ignored and bypassed to act as mockeries of themselves. An added anger of conventional constitutions is they are often protect ludicrously outmode ways of behaving and undertaking government business of the past. Take the 2ndamendment of the US constitution or the revolting anti catholic rules within our own.

Therefore I propose something more than a simple constitution. I propose a constitution which is formed section by section, concept by concept by the people. Therefore ever fifteen years a democratic convention would take place in which ideas which has gained a set number of signatures, would be debated by all and finally voted into or out of the constitution. In his way the constitution would represent the will of the people. 

Why is this idea important?

We need a constitution to protect the liberties and norms of our democratic state. Never again must we allow a government to run rough shot over the voice of the British people.

1: Formalised Britain’s constitution

2: allows people to form the constitution

3: will increase political participation

4: Will increase political discussion

5: Constitution will always represent the will of the people

6: Increases the democratic powers of the people

7: means the people form the constitution not the politicians

8: limits political control over the system supposed to control them

9: Combines calls for referendums with a formal constitution

10: Everyone would at least know of the constitution

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