Democratically elect experts into the Lords by having candidates stand in national level contests – say "no" to more constituencies.

The Lords should be democratic and should contain experts. This is achieved by making sure it doesn't just become another house of commons with constituencies, but with being able to vote for or against any candidate who stands. The candidates will then have to get votes by saying what their expertise and what their views actually are. You can also vote against candidates. The voting is continuous so that its always the candidates with the best score for the last 6 months that are representatives. 

Why is this idea important?

This means we get the democracy and we get the experts too.

Constituencies will just deliver a political party system and few experts – so national level voting works and votes in experts – and need not be political. 

People can vote them out as its the best vote score for 6 months that counts.

BNP candidates will get minus 50 million votes. 

The idea can be discussed and made workable and the best way forward selected in the end.

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