The CQC takes over from an organisation which did not exactly cover itself in glory, in fact in relation to hospital inspections it was negligent. The application of CQC regulation to Dental Practice has been transposed from the regime for Care Homes and Hospitals with little or no adaptation because dental expertise has not been adequately involved.

There is extensive duplication of the functions of the General Dental Council in regulating the profession (at least as far as we can understand at the moment) and the inspection regimes of PCTs and the DRO system.

We are 8 months away from CQC registration yet a regime that can close a practice down has yet to make clear EXACTLY what will be rquired from us and even the most basic information i.e. cost of registration is unknown.This is also a MASSIVE admin burden especially on single-handed practices.

This proposal has all the hallmarks of creating another monster like the Child Support Agency.

Why is this idea important?

Because this will be a further layer of opressive unecessary and unworkable regulation that duplicates existing mechanisms.

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