from the  Ealing times news paper

A CONTROVERSIAL box junction in Southall has netted Ealing Council more than £1m in just 12 months. Nearly 19,000 motorists were fined after being caught on CCTV.

Jim Douglas, who runs consumer website Moneybox Junction which gives advice to motorists who believe they have been unfairly charged, said Ealing is the authority he gets the most complaints about.

He said: "It's disgusting. The council is not obliged to enforce,  

"However, it continues to send out tickets like confetti and whenever someone takes it to appeal it does not contest because it knows it is in the wrong."

Last week the Department for Transport (DfT) advised councils to pay back money which had been raised through unfair enforcement to motorists.

There were lots of complaints to ealing council but  there was a  blunt response from the council's was that residents should pay up or appeal.

The problem for residents is when you appeal you risk doubling the fine and that's one thing many couldn't afford – and hundreds were pressured into paying fines that should never have been levied."

Why is this idea important?

Ealing Council refuses to change wrongly fined after being caught on CCTV

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