Stop illegal immigrants from having a trial and deport them. This would save the Taxpayer a fortune in red tape and Lawyers fees.

The Acts and treaties state that immigrants become the responsibillity of the first friendly that they come to. If this was upheld by the powers that be then Britain would never have an illegal immigrant problem as the EU would be responsible for them.

It would also free up some NHS and Local council services and budgets.

Why is this idea important?

If someone has entered this country illegally then they have no rights to a hearing or to claim any benefit no matter how small from this country.  In these hard times those with no rights do not deserve taxpayers money when cuts are being made into the NHS and local services.

No illegal immigrant should get to Britain as the Acts and treaties all state that immigrants become the responsibillity of the first friendly country that they come to. The French ploice just let them walk through their country and onto our lorries. This causes a major problem for British drivers who have to pay a fine if they have illegals on board, even if they no nothing about them.

2 Replies to “Deport all Illegal Immigrants with out a trial as it cost too much for the Taxpayer.”

  1. I agree 100% that all illegal immigrants think if they get here by fair means or foul we are then a soft touch country full of benefits. deport them at least cost possible straight away.

  2. Government are the employees of the UK taxpayers. So time to take back the power and fire the government. The queen with billy wanker and the so called UN ( united fascist bankers) and the EU, non elected twat planng the replacment and them new slaves. They commited to kill the UK tacpayers and rob them property and money and everything. If we not do nothing then we will be woped put. And illegal immigrant will live in your house as the slaves of the new state of the powering not elected freemason dracula so called quenn. The quenn and rothild is behind every war, every genosite, and every wildfire and crimes! The reptalians are bully dictators, not humans and tgem trolls the politishens look boris johson is a troll. We need to start to build new republic, ignore the current power and when we get strong we can arrrest them all!

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