birds of prey and the umbrella given to them by the Law. would it be possible to look at the Laws concerningthe unprecedented protection that has been afforded to raptors ie Peregrines,Goshawks and Sparrowhawks which has resulted in a skewed ecological system in the British Isles. Where have all the endigenous species gone including all oour native songbirds etc.  As an organisation pigeon fanciers give millions to charitable causes every yearas well as putting millions of pounds into the country's economy via feed stuffs,and pigeon requisites,lofts,transport,diesel etc the list is endless.  WHEN IS SOMEONE GOING TO LISTEN TO OUR CONCERNS? As things are going there will be no pigeon fanciers in a few years time due in large part to the destruction caused to our pigeons by the uncontrolled raptor situation (in Wales we are being descimated  by almost daily attacks.

the Law is skewed in favour of the raptor wer'e not asking for annihilation of the raptor species just some consideration for the rest of the birds that frequent the skies.

in the 2 world wars pigeons carried out heroic tasks and were awarded medals for their heroism ie Dickens medals    Why can't the same protection afforded to the raptor which in most cases are imports to this Conutry be given to all other species   Margaret Evans

Why is this idea important?

if nothing is done many people will continue to leave the ranks of pigeon men and all the money they give to charity and to the economy of the country will be lost for ever

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