I would just like to inform you that your continued destruction of the civil liberties and human rights of grown adults who cause no harm to the public, has made it necessary for me to purchase a rope in order to hang myself with. I have investigated the technique on the internet and will do the deed soon when i can pluck up the courage. I will never understand why your organisation and officers actually seek pleasure from making criminals out of people who are harming nobody (aside from the fact that you must get a kick out of bullying people). Male officers tend to be mummy's boys whos hands smell of soap and the females are like Cherie Booth (constantly hovering behind you while you're trying to look at porn on the internet). I thought i'd left school. Why does your organization seek enjoyment in smashing down the doors of peoples homes in pursuit of a herb. Why do your officers seek pleasure in destroying the lives of people who actually pay your wages? I work 56.5 hours every single week. All night work and all at a flat rate barely above the minimum wage. My carbon footprint is negligible. I live within 2 miles of my work, share a 14 year old car with another working adult who is also on minimum wages. I never go abroad, rarely go out and spend my days off in bed. I will never own my own home and never have any children. I am 43. Despite this, last month i had nearly £500 stolen from my wages by the government to pay for the likes of your officers wages and lucrative overtime. I feel like a cornered animal simply because hugely destructive alcohol doesn't agree with me whereas good quality cannabis does. 'Superskunk' is a big red herring. When your officers go shopping to the supermarket, do they pick all the manky, small fruit? No, your organisation clearly enjoys making criminals of people who aren't. Too scared to go onto gypsies sites and give them a hard time. Too frightened to deal with organised gangs who sit on millions of pounds of ill-gotten gains. No, lets go for an easy target. You are destroyers of the meek and harmless. I firmly believe that Pink Floyd would have been closed down by the Police, given half a chance. You seem to get your kicks out of picking on certain sections of society whom you dislike. You are in the business of bullying. I wonder how one of your officers would feel to have his door smashed down at 3:00 in the morning while he is in bed, wearing his wifes nighty. To be frogmarched to a police van, have all of his booze confiscated, loose his home and his job. When i finally top myself, you'll have to find some other taxpayer, prepared to live in work all night paying your wages. All of you have blood on your hands.

Why is this idea important?

Because my life is being destroyed by draconian strangers

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