Driving examiners are low level cival servants! Why are there decisions completly un-touchable.

There is no course for redress, if you argue/disagree with them you can loose your ADI licence.

Why are these people GODs. I would like to see a system/avenue of complaint to an independant body. When I have complained about the attitude of an examiner (not a test result) rosemary thew totaly ignored the complaint and didnt even acnolage it was a complaint. An ADI in Gloucester lost his living because he had the ordasity to raise his voice at an examiner who allowed his car to be crashed into a gate while on test. This attitude they have of being untouchable GODs stems from legislation procting them while on test, it should not be a blanket ban on disagreaing with at pain of unemployment.

One seniour examiner who took me on a check test said if a car is to close to the vehicle in front at the lights the fumes from their exaust could make you ill and cause unconsesiuosness, what rubish, they are so out of date but you dare not disagree because she will mark you down. As an SE she is a mega GOD

Please repeal the laws that cause this utter nonsence.


Richard Leonard

Cheltenham ADI 

Why is this idea important?

ADI's have lost their license to teach because DSA can not be disagread with.

They are not GODs they are an arrogant quango

Give driving candidates the choice of who conducts there driving test. The army conduct driving tests, why not let the public have a choice. This could earn the army money and give the public a much needed choice.

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