I have been a victim of mis-identification due to the misuse of this proposed law (which has not been sanctioned / implimented yet).

I have been accused of downloading an MP3 Song, and am in litigation procedings with a company called ACS LAW after being blatantly accused of this transaction, and they are trying to blackmail me into paying them £295.00, using my IP address as proof, this can easily be faked, of altered by someone with access to hacking knowlege, or my wireless has possibly been "piggybacked", or someone hid behind a proxy to perform this.

I have the beckground knowlege to know that this accusation would be unsound in any court in the UK at the moment, and am fighting this with a denial letter, if necessary with legal solicitors on my side, who's advice I have since sought, that specialise in IP dealings (Intellectual Property), but fear that the Digital Economy Act's introduction will open the door for many more unsavoury law firms that extort money out of fear of litigation without proof.

Why is this idea important?

I feel this idea is important because, had I been a pensioner, or somebody who does not know the principal and unreliability of internet presence addressing identity processes, I could easily be fooled into paying this money.

This company travels to Cannes in South France, to specifically buy Film producers and music artists / games developers sole rights to their work, and then travel back to London, then use a foreign companys method (proved unreliable) Digiprotect to extract IP Addresses of alleged filesharers, and then demands first £300.00 to £1200.00 depending on the content involved, and then if people pay, they send a follow up for a much higher demand in cash, or go to court.

They really need to be stopped , I and many have written to the SRA (solicitors regulatory authority) to do this, but it takes time, and they are meantime making extrodinary amounts of money.

Please please government, save vunerable people from the Digital Economy Act

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