Please can we abolish the deadline of 2015 for the switch off of analogue radio.  It is far too soon to consider it, especially in the current economic climate.  Most households have five or six portable or mains radios and the cost of changing them all would be forbidive for many.

Most cars are still being fitted with FM radios and those cars will last for up to 10 years.  If FM is switched off in 2015, thopse cars will not have any radio service and people will not get the traffic news.

DAB radios don't last long on batteries and have to be plugged into the mains the whole time.

Digital Britain claims that the radios will be refurbished and sent to Africa.  That is 150 million radios.  Will they all go to Africa?  No most will end up in landfill back here in the UK.

Please consider delaying the switchover for another 10 years, say 2025 and give people time to get used to DAB.

Why is this idea important?

For me it is important as I am a pensioner and I love listening to the radio.  Where I live I have one DAB radio that only receives the BBC multiplex, and the reception is so bad, that the signal keeps disappearing.

It also has to be kept plugged into the mains as it can flatten 4 Type D batteries in less than an hour.  As they are not portable, it is taking radio listening back to the 1930s when radios sat in the corner of the room.

I use a walkman radio when walking the dog.  I have not as yet found a DAB that can allow me to do that.

If you do switch over in 2015, I will have to spend up to £400 to replace all my existing radios and I cannot afford that.

Most pensioners depend on their radios and it will be a terrible blow for them to have to get rid of their favourite old radio.

It really should not be happening for a long time yet.

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