Disabled benefits should encourage independence and maintain dignity at all times.

The government should enter into a individually tailored contract between the disabled person and the state with asserts rights and responsibilites

The contract would give the disabled person the right of privacy and freedom from fear of having benefits summarily stopped if rules re infringed.

The contract should also require and incentivise paid or unpaid work  or learning

The outcome would be more independent and productive disabled people who may return to the labour market and give them greater security, self respect and pride in their engagement with the welfare state.








Why is this idea important?

The current welfare system appears to assume guilt (potential fraud) rather than innocence with anyone who interacts with it.

Disabled people should have their dignity and indepence encouraged by the welfare state

At present the benefits system treats drug users and workshy the same as legitmate disabled people.

At present many disabled people live in fear of loosing their benefits for showing any kind of indpendence or ability to lead positive, productive lives. It is a terrible waste of human potential and treats all disabled people as potential fraudsters and disables them further

The welfare state should treat disabled people with respect and encourage their human potential not to crush it.


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