direct payment to people who need housing related support they can choose which provider they want no auditing of providers has to be done only adult proptection issues rest can be done by market forces customers/service users wil not use poor providers and reduce cost of procurement process and providing services. Note when the client is resposible enough to do this and the council does not use this as an excuse to prevent peole gettting their own funding.  Council not to decide support provider the customer should .  I am service user  with mental health problems who needs support want my own money to pay for my own support and choose my own provider. As I am totally capable and well due to ongoing support. I am not happy with the council deciding my provider i have little or no choice at the moment to only take their so called approved providers. Based on their selection criteria and not my own. I know what care and support i need so why can't i choose who provides my support as well as care via direct payments for supporting people. council takes over my life nearly all the time I feel at the mercy of the council will my support be cut will I funded in the future. If not I will end up in hospital cost the country more money than supporting people problem our local mental helath facilities are over stretched and under funded as "the mental ill are a soft target we do not have a say in society  we always seem to take the brunt of NHS cut because we do not have often the energy and health to fight cuts

Why is this idea important?

people back in control not councils the service users decides provider and they can choose which provider based on recommendations from mental health prtofessionals and not pen pushes and accountants

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