I work at a youth centre in Maidstone, there is a ramp for access, but it is a few years old and regs have changed. So when KCC are adding in a new sure start group they are putting a new wider ramp in. There are times I wait for someone to come down stairs/a corridor, and I am sure that when there are two wheel chair's/push chairs they can wait a moment for the other to pass.

There should be a minimum standard for existing access and a separate standard for new facilities. We all have to share the pain and KCC are being irresponsible with our money. It reminds me of the trains where the visual display was a cm too short for some regs so they spent huge amounts refitting a fleet of trains.

Why is this idea important?

KCC shouldn't be wasting money, and they are. If there was no access I would be pleased to see it go in. If it was broken or potholed I'd understand, but this is a waste of cash.

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