I get DLA, as i am GENUINELY DISABLED, spina bifida, wheelchair user. I get higher rate mobility componant and the middle rate care componant of DLA.

I am currently unemployed but want to work, But, if i get a job or have to have the DLA medical (which by the way i agree with IF IT IS FAIR) then the following scenario occurring is a very real possibility

If i get a job, the only way i can INDEPENDENTLY (very important) get there is by the use of a motability car, dont give me all that public transport rubbish, it is barely accessible for a wheelchairer, my own car is the only real way. and that car is only available to higher rate mobility claiments like me,lower rate doesnt qualify you.

but, if i get a job and then i have the medical, or a review of my DLA because i got a job and i lose DLA (a very possible outcome with these medicals) or it is lowered to, as i say, lower rate mobility, i would then have to give up the motability car, which means i couldnt get to work, which means i lose my job, which means im back on benefits, paid for by the tax payer and pushing up the national debt again..

and please dont say 'buy a car like the rest of us then' i could never afford to, with the higher cost of living i already have as a disabled person,(wheelchairs and other disability/mobility equipment) a motability car really helps. thats another reason genuine claiments must not lose their DLA, the care componant helps with the cost of equipment and care needs.

I genuinely really want to work, got things i want to do, and a bad decision WILL cause the kind of situation ive used as an example to happen, IT CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN.

I understand the need for medicals, we do need to weed out the scroungers with the aching backs and sore toes and lazyitis, but if these medicals are done wrong the situation ive outlined above could happen to many thousands of genuine claiments.

You have to make sure it doesnt happen. 

Why is this idea important?

Bad decisions in the medicals (and they do happen in both DLA and ESA medicals) will have a major affect on the quality of life of genuinely disabled people. Any progress we have made in being integrated into the community more and allowed more options in life in line with those allowed to able bodied people would just be wiped out, the disabled community 'cause' would just be wiped out, it could take us back to what life was like for disabled people 100 years ago.

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