The Independent Safeguarding Authority should be scrapped.

Why is this idea important?

It is not necessary to introduce another layer of criminal checks when the Criminal Records Bureau is already in place. The scope of the CRB could be widened to include those people who may seem to have been omitted initially. To create another database and checks is counter productive and will alienate many people who would like to work/volunteer with young people.

One Reply to “Disband the ISA”

  1. Yes i agree isa is totally unnecessary and so are the crb. These two organisations are ruining peoples lives,finances & reputations.
    Anyone who is found guilty through dury, plea barging = courtroom trickery. Especially cases that are not heard properly and the judge makes a snap cost cutting decision and threatens you with prison just to get a result. Certain crimes are put in one category when they need to be divided up properly. If this was done correctly in the first place it would eliminate ISA & CRB in some circumstances.

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