I served in the Royal Air Force as an officer for thirty very happy years and am now

retired on a War Disability pension.   If I had my time again, I would do it again.   My

further comments are made without any bad feelings or ulterior motive with regards to

the RAF.

One way of saving many millions of pounds of unnecessary expenditure could be

achieved speedily by disbanding the Royal Air Force and giving its functions to the

Royal Navy and the Army.   The former Coastal Command and helicopter rescue

portions could be transferred to RN control whilst the former Transport Command

portion could be given to the Royal Logistics Corps and the remainder of the RAF to

the Army Air Corps.   This would save millions by simplifying the command and control

structures, freeing many personnel from overlapping jobs, giving up many buildings and

other areas now devoted to RAF 'staff and administrative activities', and so on.   There

needn't even be excessive expenditure on new uniforms since the 'old' working kit

could still be used with new badges.   Only the No 1 uniform would need to be replaced

and this could be on a gradual, only as required, basis.

I have been advocating this course of action for over ten years but, so far, without any


Sqn Ldr Alan Birt

Why is this idea important?

It will be saving many millions of pounds, speedily, without any reduction in the efficiency of the Armed Forces  –  indeed, I think the effectiveness of the Armed Forces with be enhanced.

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