We should keep the classification of drugs if they are made legal, with class A remaining illegal and putting cannabis at the bottom class, I liked the idea of having to buy them from a police station on another thread.

warnings on the sides of packets like cigarettes have, and education on the amount of time you can get away with doing them before it becomes a problem for your health, This should be rolled out across the board on alcohol and every legalised drug,consequences for not adhering to the guidelines could be implemented, for example someone registered as a drug user with the police and medical services,found to be harming thier own heath should have restricted access and legally required to take responsibility for themselves, failure to do so would amount to a breach of contract between the party and the local government body.

Powers to the police to then stop and search this person at will,to retain them on a watch list and to search thier home if they do not comply and try to obtain drugs illegally.

New laws to prohibit use of drugs in the workplace making it an offence.

Keep laws for making it illegal to use drugs while driving or even being a passenger in a vehicle using drugs

Lower age limit  of 18yrs to be able to get registered to buy drugs  (21 for alcohol)

Illegal suppliers of drugs to face charges of reckless endangerment of persons known or unknown.

The scottish  system of siezing assets of known or proven drug dealers rolled out across the board (proceeds of crime act)


Why is this idea important?

I feel its important because ive seen for myself the types of crime which is carried out by  heroin abusers,cocaine abusers .

Ive also felt the results of smoking too much cannabis on my mental health.

Ive seen first hand the results of people who become overly aggresive and regressive using cocaine and heroin and that is far worse im my opinion.

The registration and putting your hands up so that it can be monitored is going to give our medical  practitioners a better idea of the consequences and would give them ideas of when it is becoming an unsafe practice, for an individual this would empower people to take responsibilty for thier heath issues relating to abuse.

mybe increasing the national insurance contribution for users would be a good idea too

I stopped using cannabis when my mental health was being compromised, and occasionally  i tried it again and i can report that once you begin to feel paranoid its time to grow up and leave it alone, placing the responsibility back on the user and with monitoring we are better equipped to help ourselves and those we care for if its going to far.

In  todays world where they are easily available anyway it would be better to have it run through our health ,police system.

Some cannabis coming from dodgy suppliers has been found to contain all types of harmful things, and so anything sold must be batch tested and the costs passed on to the consumer

The tax put on it should reflect the problems it might cause in treatment of abusers on the NHS……

Mybe it would be a good ideqa to encourage cannabis user to take a course on the do's and dont's before being allowed to legally register.

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