One disclosure should be sufficient for an extended period of time, instead of having to apply for seperate disclosures for different activities.

Myself and a few of my colleagues are artists, and we run art groups for people of all ages and abilities.  One particular friend of mine had to have over twenty disclosure forms processed last year alone!  It also costs money to have this done! 

I just don't understand why we can't fill in one form that covers us and our workshops for a period of say, a year or two.  That is, instead of having to fill out individual applications for when we work for the council, the college, private classes, local groups etc…  It makes being self employed a nightmare and only adds to the red tape! 


Why is this idea important?

It would free up the need to have people processing multiple disclosures from single applicants.  Which must cost a lot of money. 

Having only one blanket disclosure would also free up individuals who run workshops to concentrate on their activites and put the money that would be spent on having multiple disclosures done into their businesses. 


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