The discussion document was emailed to every member of the lower house and the upper house (the Lords). Several replies from mp's said they welcome the idea of the post office having all the work that the DVLA now do. Here is the email:-

DVLA –  Many years ago in their wisdom the government of the day decided to set up a remote department that will handle the issuance of driving licenses and vehicle registrations – all by post.  As times have changed this remoteness is no longer convenient or speedy enough at issuing licenses and updating vehicle registrations. It is too remote from the people, what the people need now is a local office to call into to do their business over the counter. The incidence of i.d. theft from the postal service would be avoided – key documents demanded by the DVLA Swansea to be sent by post to them will be a thing of the past – i.d cloning and impersonation is becoming a vast industry in Britain today with banks and individuals losing billions of pounds per year.

This is not a proposal to set up more offices costing billions of pounds but to use the good offices of the POST OFFICE of which we have 12,000 of them in Britain today.

The proposal is to allow the POST OFFICE to have cameras and lamination equipment together with an increase of staff .

BT would provide the lines to connect all post office outlets to a server at the MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT set up for the purpose with a handful of staff to make sure it keeps running day and night. The back-up tapes from the DVLA Swansea would be put on the new servers at the MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT and would be updated automatically by the post office staff at each transaction.

Then the DVLA property and land in Swansea can be sold off to the highest bidder and the proceeds paid into the treasury who badly need it.

The suppliers to the post offices would increase revenues and take on extra workers leading to a ‘knock-on’ effect to our economy. Service technicians for cameras and laminating equipment would be extra people hired by the suppliers to the post offices as well as computer technicians for the extra computers the post office would have to install in their post offices.

If the whisper that the post office might be privatized soon – all the better to offer the new privatized company the licensing and vehicle registrations to boost the asking price for the post office shares! The intending shareholders would relish the new business and all shares should be oversubscribed.

Why is this idea important?

DVLA Swanse is out of step and too remote for the people and can hardly be said to be 'user friendly' It should be sold off to the highest bidder and let a privatised post office with it's 12,00 branches do the work DVLA now do.

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