Its so simple. Amend the Human Rights act such that if someone has committed a criminal act they have already shown their contemp for others Human Rights. By that action they forfeit their right to invoke the Human Rights Act in their defence in anything relating that crime. Up to and including deportation.

Why is this idea important?

The Human Rights act appears to focus on individuals yet the rights of the vast majority of law abiding citizens are totally ignored.  If a rapist is prevented from being deported because he "might" be attacked in his country of origin he is allowed to stay in the UK.  But what about the rights of the citizens of the UK whom he may then attack at leisure.  The rights of the one should not, in this case, outweigh the rights of the many.  Also why should someone commit a crime and then claim their Human Rights are in danger.  They made a choice to break the law.  That choice should include the knowledge that they forfeit the rights granted law abiding citizens.

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