The Church of England has an unnecessary role the governing of the UK. It is the established church in this country, with 26 of her unelected bishops sitting in the House of Lords playing a full role in the business of the upper chamber. They are there neither by merit or competency, nor for that matter politically allegiance. They justify themselves using intellectual moral grounds, and their contribution in debate is clouded by their religious doctrine. 

Why is this idea important?


The justification for the bishops holding a seat is often said to be because they bring an independent and Christian approach to the work of the house. If it is "christian" then it is by no means independent. . The presence of these bishops is an archaic anomaly; they are there because of the actions of Henry VIII who founded the C of E to suit his own agenda. Furthermore, the C of E has her own parliament in the General Synod. This is the organisation which governs the C of E, but it has to have its decisions ratified by Parliament, which takes valuable time away from our elected MP's who have  other matters, which should be more pressing to parliamentarians in both houses, instead of discussing the merits of the new prayer book used in the established church.  Let us have a bill to disestablish The Church of England, and remove the bishops from the House of Lords. The General Synod of the C of E should never more present church legislation to parliament for ratification, thus wasting valuable parliamentary time.

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