The Tories have promised to dismantle the over expensive and ineffective gambling commission and large parts of the gambling act of 2005, but when if at all will this happen? Prior to the gambling commission, the gaming board was far more economically efficient and more effective as it used to allow the legal operators within the gambling industry to self regulate for a large proportion of their day to day operations and only intervened when an irresponsible gaming operator acted accordingly.

The thousands and thousands of miles of red tape that the gambling act 2005 brought along with it are making an already struggling industry almost impossible. This coupled with the massive AMLD, Vat, tax and closing local pubs means an almost impossible industry to expand and prosper in.

There are many, many more reasons why the Gambling commission, an agency made up of mostly jumped up young teenagers with no prior gaming experience should be replaced by a gaming board equivalent, but the government already know these hence their prior agreement that they should be replaced.

Why is this idea important?

It isn’t my idea, it’s the great idea of the governments, I just couldn’t agree more! I’m a licensed operator, I’m in my late twenty’s, I employ two full time staff, I own to properties, one of which I rent out and own a fruit machine company.

I have been a tory all my life and have done everything I can according to the tory way. It has paid of to some degree, however if I am going to employ more people, expand my business, pay more AMLD, tax, vat, national insurance and provide more affordable housing then I and everyone in the gambling industry need the above promise by the government seen through asap!!!

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