There is currently a call for road charging from some anonymous bunch of numbnuts who seem to be completely unaware of the law of unintended consequences.  They claim that this is the only answer to congestion, which it most certainly is not.  This is merely the ambition of the companies that would provide the technology and the ambitions of private companies that hope to run the scheme.

Why is this idea important?

When congestion begins to impact on drivers, they find alternatives, and any attempt to interfere with this this natural curb on congestion will bring about changes that could have a serious impact on our economy.

The base reason for the increase in the need for people to travel is the change in employment law that rendered jobs insecure, and the concurrent increase in the cost of housing.  As a consequence, people finding themselves unemployed have to look further afield to find work and it makes no economic sense to move closer to their new job.  The answer to the problem of congestion then, is self-evident, and does not include measures to increase the costs of people driving to work.

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