It seems unimportant, but in this modern age of ANPR police registration plate checking systems and automatic fines for not taxing your car it seems really silly that it's still illegal for someone to "not properly display a tax disc in their vehicle".

Come one Britain, as you change the systems and the way things work moves along with the times please change the laws that refer to those systems.

I for one don't display my Tax disc, it fell off and I'd prefer not to have a big ugly sticker on my windscreen, but the DVLA/Police information system will tell you that i have tax for my car and MOT and insurance, and if i didn't I would get an automatic fine in the post.

So why is that I'm still supposed to display the archaic reciept in my windscreen?

Why is this idea important?

it's not actually all that important, more of a suggestion for "spring cleaning" the laws of this land, bringing them up-to-date with how the Country now works.

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