Dissolve the NHS and Give Free Public Transport (Trains)

I propose a free transport system in place of the costly and obselete NHS. People should pay Health Insurance premiums and not such high taxes, i feel sick when i look at my wages and it shows i work a week for stuff i do not even use such as the NHS.

It is one the largest employers in the world and i still had to wait 2 months for an appointment for Trigger finger injection by which time i opted for private, My Dad had to wait 5 hours in A + E with Finger hanging off, My grandad died of secondary cancer which i do not believed helped with such late diagnosis after telling him he had a bad back, actually it was cancer eating the base of the spine.

So on the plus a free transport system would free up roads make the economy boom, it would provide unemployed incentive to work, students lumbered with less debt and i would have an extra £120.00 in my pocket each month instead of throwing it away at greedy private train operators who believe high prices are needed to provide good service.

In all essence if the system was modernised to such a point most of it could be automated !!

Why does this idea matter?

This idea would save VAST amounts of money for todays debts to be paid even quicker, allowing the central government to better equipped to deal with todays issues of Severe Poverty in the UK and Immigration.

The NHS is past its sell by date and to be honest when i do finally begin to die of some disease related to older age, then id rather be on a free British Peoples run train rather than a Dirty ward on the NHS.

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