The Welsh Assembly Government  was  set up  some  years ago following  a  referendum  which  many  believed  was "rigged". Even  on  the  best  estimates only  a marginal  majority voted  for  this.

We  were promised  a  recount,  but it  never  materialised.   Another of  those instances  where  the  people  were  going  to  get  what  some in  power  wanted,  no  matter  what!


There  should  be  another  referendum asking  the  people if  they  still  want  to  keep  the  Assembly.   Thereafter,  if  a  "No" vote is  received, the Assembly  should  be  dissolved  and  all powers  sent  back  to  Westminster.

Why is this idea important?

The Welsh  Assembly is  a squawking  box with  limited powers  and limited  vision.    Its  whole purpose is  to  be  devisive ( ie Welsh  against English) ayt  a  time  when  we  all  need  to  pull  together.

The  cost of maintaining  this nonsensical  establishment is  huge.  The  thing supports  a large number of  over-paid Members and  a  massive  raft of  Civil Servants.

It is  a  cost  we  cannot  bear in  these  hard  times,  and  the  money  would  be  far  better  spent  elsewhere.

The  suggestion  by some that the Assembly  should  now  be  given  more powers ( ie  taxation etc) is ludicrous and  should  be  thrown  out  along  with  the whole Organisation.

There is  to  be  a  referendum next year on  this  suggestion  for  more  devolved powers.

Why not incorporate into  that  a  direct  question  to  the people of  Wales "do  you  still  want  the  W.A.G.?"    This  would  settle  the  matter once  and  for  all.

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