Stop the switch off of analogue radio in 2015 until Digital radio is proven to overcome the barriers listed in why my idea is important.

Why is this idea important?

Switching off Analogue radio needs to be removed from this Act as the logic used to justify it are incorrect, wasteful and unfair as follows :

1. It assumes using obsolete technoogy used no where else in the world i.e. DAB. already parts of this format have been made obsolete.

2. It is eco unfriendly as it involves scrapping 100M+ home radios and 50M+ car radios -where is all that waste going to go. Plus it means manufacturing new radios (pumping more waste into the environment). Digital technology also consumes more power in its transmission and in the radios themselves.

3.It is socially unfriendly as it requires millions of our poorest people to invest in new radios.

4.Sound quality is a myth as it requires a perfect signal and will cut out if teh signal is poor, unlike analogue which just has degraded sound quality. Moreover the sound quality is also dependant on the radio itself and there is little evidence anybody can hear the difference on a cheap radio.

5.The "benefit" of more stations due to more bands available is dubious – look at TV, more does not neccessarily mean "better".

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