I am sick of having the word diversity reinforced everywhere I look.  It has almost  become a form of doctrine. We do not need to be told about diversity  as it manifests itself in all kinds of ways  and always has done – nothing new, but why do we just use this in the human context?  What about the diversity of other species and their rights – in other words the diversity of life on the planet says it all.

We have all been sedated by previous New Labour  Think , with catch-all ugly labels and diktat.  Let common sense prevail and allow people to subscribe if they wish but get rid of the labels many of which usually end in 'ism'.  That was part of the Big State and small society – lets reverse the trend before it is too late and we are all forced to worship just one kind of diversity.

Why is this idea important?

Because the word has been drip fed to us all but only in selective contexts.  If we are to appreciate diversity in its real sense then surely this should encompass all  life on earth and not just human?


Do we really want an Orwellian future?

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