In a multi-cultural society in which we endeavour to treat all people as citizens, and not subjects,it is important that all be treated equally and with respect under the law.  The current system discriminates against non CofE people because of the direct connection between Church and State with the Monarchy being Head of the Church as an integral part of its responsibilities.

The Head of State should be seen as representing the entire population, regardless of faith, and not just those people of CofE faith.

Why is this idea important?

The link between Church and State dates back over 400 years and is not appropriate in a 21st Century modern day Western style liberal democracy.  The link, as it is today, does not sit well with a multi-cultural and multi-religious society in which we endeavour to treat all as equals.  All children for instance should be able to attain the office of Prime Minister regardless of gender or religion, currently a Roman Catholic is excluded from this high office purely because of events 400 years ago.  The Prime Minister currently appoints the Bishops, is this a legitimate role for a politician or should it more correctly be a religious decision made by Senior Church officials?

The divorce of State and Church will also result in further reform to the House of Lords and should include the removal of the right for Bishops to sit in the 2nd Chamber.  This right is not offered to senior clerics from other faiths.  There is no reason why a bishop cannot sit in the either House but this must be by virtue of democratic process and not as an appointee due to religious conviction.

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