To remove without cost, of DNA and fingerprints of people who have not been convicted of non crimes, which resulted in no prison/suspended sentence, or community service.

Why is this idea important?

I feel it is an intrusion of your personal rights.  I can understand the benfits also, that it can lead to an instant arrest, if crimes where commited in the future.  Really, it is the same as the Big Brother concept, people would argue it is not fair to be monitored in everythng you do, from transactions, to calls, etc… Cash, is the only personal, untraceable transaction left. ( until rfid chips are put in the money )

Back to the point,  a minority, mainly the older generation would say, it doesn;'t bother me, i'm not going to do anything wrong.  There will always be two sides to the argument, and always one side of a party will unhappy with a situation.  So, some kind of middle ground would be good to met, if at all possible.

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