As a health professional that is regulated by the Health Professions Council (HPC), having first hand experience of the dictatorial approach of the HPC, I urge the government not to move the social workers under the control of the HPC.They have a hard enough job without being tyranisd by the HPC imposing their Continuous Professional Development Standards (CPD Standards) on them.

The HPC imposes CPD Standards on their registrants which are not linked to professional competence . They can set arbitrary standards and use bullying tactics. The HPC is not regulated by anybody and they can do what they like. They can impose standards which are not linked to professional competence.  Can you imagine that they can dictate how Social Workers should work without being accountable to any government body. The Department of Health has no power over them. The CHRE has no statutory powers over the HPC – only advisory. A really frightening scenario.

Why is this idea important?

It is important that the HPC does not have unlimited powers over the Social Workers. Social Workers are needed in our society and they are trying to do their best. Being bullied by the HPC would only put off a lot of workers who would otherwise try to do a good job in difficult situations.

The way foreward is not threatening health care and social workers with arbitrary imposed CPD standards but to encourage and praise the workers.

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