There should be no tax free allowance for capital gains other than own home.

Pension contributions should have a tax relief of maximum 10% with a cieling of say £5000 PA.

People should not be allowed to take private pensions till 60 years at least.

No one should be given any tax free lump sums when taking private pensions.

Heating allowances should not be given to ex pats.

Heating allowanses should not be given to any houehold earning over £40000.

No public employee should earn over £100000..This would include anyone working at the BBC including so called celebs and the public owned banks.

Stop givind methodon away paid for by the tax payer.Three months notice should be given for this to accomodate the odd few who are using this to stop taking drugs.

The British puplic can no longer afford the burden of the BBC.This is outdated and with so many free channels on free view we should seel or close the BBC…

We have to reduce the number of MP,s at least to a number where if they all turned up at parliament there would be enough seats for them.The house of so called lords must be elected and reduced in number by at least half.The number of local councillors should be halved.

Close the tax loopholes like share incentives or the numerous others where employees do not pay full tax on income.

Stop all the free government grants..It is a fact that only the well off can use them anyway.

Any idiot can increase taxes but there are so many other ways …

Why is this idea important?

We are headed towards another reccession but by thinking outside the box this could be avoided.

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