Dogs should be alowed to walk on grouse moors outside shooting days on a short lead. Some areas resrict large areas of access land from dog owners when they are only used for shooting 1 or 2 days a year. Dogs on a lead will cause no more disturbance than other walkers throughout the year. Many or the restrictions are not sign posted from the road so that you only come across them half way through a walk. Many of the restrictions are in place because land owners do not like the CROW act and are only trying to get their own back by putting as many obstacles in the way of walkers rather than for practical reasons associated with their livelyhood. This seems to be a problem in largwe ares of Northumberland, Durham and East Cumbria. The grouse moors in Derbyshire, and Yorkshire all sem to opperate perfectly well without trying to enforce dog bans.

Why is this idea important?

The banning of dogs from access land are stopping many walkers from large areas of land for no good reason.

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