The control of dogs needs a big overhaul to be fairer to all owners/lovers and the general public.

I've done a quick search and read all dog related ideas todate Micro chipping, good idea, better enforcement on those who do not clean up after their dogs, good idea, and other bits need better clarification etc.

But no one has mentioned removing the local by-laws on how many dogs you can take for a walk at the same time, some councils have no such law others have set limits, i.e it's recommended 6 should be the limit, our council says 4 is the limit other councils have different limits. 

It should be removed or at least made the same throughout the country. The responsible owners should know how many they can control at once and under what conditions etc.

i.e  a quick out to relieve themselves or a walk in a crowded city centre to a walk over the Moors are they small dogs or large dogs? are they docile or playful or aggressive dogs are they in season etc etc etc  one law should not cover all variables which is why it should be the owners choice and they should be held fully accountable for their dogs actions.

So please remove or make it the same so that if you move from one council area to another the dogs do not suffer.  i.e they don't go on as many walks or get as much exercise as they did as the trips have to be doubled or trebled hence walks are shorter due to the time it takes or they have to be kept in all day as they can't all be taken out together.

Why is this idea important?


It benefits the well being of the dogs if the owners know the laws etc before getting more than one dog.  They can work out the time needed to care for their dogs and if they move they would need the same time to care for the same dogs.  

No one or very few checks by-laws before moving so to find new laws in your new area only affects the well being of the dogs

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