I think it is the owners fault not the dogs and it is them that suffer in the end having to put a dog down because the owner has "trained" it to fight and kill it is disgusting. I think the owners should be put in prison the dogs taken off them and try to rehabilitate them in some way, the poor dogs dont know why they are being treated like this it is so unfare. I have 4 dogs and not one of them is a dangerous dog because i treat them right and give them love and attention that way they behave and are obidient please dont put good dogs down put the owners in prison its the only way. And yes have your dogs neutered if you are not a breeder i have had mine done

Why is this idea important?

I think my idea is important because it will lead to bad owners being singled out and dealt with by the authorities. i would make the owners rehabilitate the so called "dangerous" dogs in prison just like they do in America and the ones that cant be saved i would make the people who make the dogs like that put a dog to sleep and see how painful that is

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