My Boxer dog was one October 2009 just befor Christmas the tip of his tail started to bleed & just wouldn't stop. Our vet decided the only option was to remove about two vertibrate but the tail continued to bleed & wouldn't heal so a futher operation was needed to amputate more of the tail. After this second opertion he got a very serious infection which on Boxing day 2009 very nearly killed him. A few days later and after lots of pain & suffering he underwent a third operation to remove more of the tail. I am happy to say "Nuggett" has recovered now but he went through 10 weeks of pain for a reason that could have easily been avoided if his tail had been docked when he was born. There are so many similar stories to mine & my vet has told me that they have had more problems with tails since the ban was introduced. I hope that this ban will be lifted. Vikki Smelt

Why is this idea important?

This idea is important because the ban as it stands is causing alot of animals pain & suffering which they do not go through when docked at birth.

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